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Participatory Performance


Weights by 2024 Minneapolis participants

(Between) Islands is a participatory performance addressing ageism, loneliness and social isolation experienced most acutely by younger adults, ages 18-24, and older adults, ages 60+. Participants sculpt custom dumbbells inspired by life challenges, learn the basics of upper-body strength training, and exchange life experiences in small conversation groups pairing younger and older together.

The 2024Minneapolis performance involved first year students at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and residents from The Pillars Senior Living community.

The 2022 New York City/Hoboken performance, conducted virtually on Zoom, involved first students at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken and New Yorkers from all 5 boroughs over 60 years old.


Older/Younger pair of Minneapolis participants crafting weights together

Weights made by 2022 New York City/Hoboken participants

2022 New York City/Hoboken participants share their finished weights with one another.

One 2022 New York City/Hoboken participants explains the symbolism in each of her weights to the group.

One 2022 New York City/Hoboken participants show their weights in process to the group on Zoom.

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