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What does it mean to belong to a place, and/or a particular group of people? How does one find—or make—belonging? What are the affordances of belonging, and how can they be claimed?

This urge in my work is very personal: though, as a kid, I always had friends, I always felt like an outsider. This is not uncommon. The urge to find my people persists in me, perhaps, as it does, in everyone. And it manifests as a broader reflex to help others find their people, and/or a place of belonging, be it metaphor or land.

Ideas from Publics and Counterpublics, The Practice of Everyday Life, From the Margin to Center, and Communities of Practice, amongst others, inform this work.


…Sometimes the Clouds Come Back This Way…, 2019


Meditation for Clouds, 2019


Wall, Levy, Beach (Maneuver), 2018-2019


M________, 2018


-ship, 2018


The Bridge, 2012-

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