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With the decreasing size and cost of computer vision, digital components, and advances in virtual reality, we are faced with a renewed awareness of the impact of current digital practices on the physical body. MVR is a lecture event series focused on new forms of exchange between body and technology developed by Eyebeam alumni Nancy Nowacek and David Sheinkopf, Director of Technology at Pioneer Works, and curated by Nancy Nowacek. MVR ran for three nomadic seasons moving from Eyebeam to Pioneer Works and other like-minded institutions such as Baby Castles and New, Inc.

Series speakers included  Ken Perlin, Jacob Gaboury, Claire Volpe, Amelia Bearskin-Winger, Luke Stark, Cassie Tarakajian, Syed Salahuddin, Tega Brain, Robert Yang, Joanne McNeil, Brian House, Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde, Greg Trefry, Kate Sicchio, Liat Berdurgo, Sydney Skybetter, Carlin Wing, Gene Kogan, Pablo Garcia, Pam Liou, Nancy Diniz, Matt Romein, Madeline Schwartzman, Ella Klik, Maria Aiolova, Rodrigo Ferreira, Salome Asega, Nicholas Fortungo, Stephanie Dinkins, Miriam Simoun, Kristin Lucas, Toni Dove, Javier Molina, Laine Nooney, Jae Rim Lee, Brian Knep, Lainie Fefferman and Jascha Narveson,

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