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single channel video (click image to see video)

Sketches for the show about the Bridge (2 galleries)

Gallery 1, Project works 2012-2017

  • Historic and regulatory documents shown in blue vitrines;

  • Key project documents concerning the struggle (and ultimate contributions to the failure) of the project presented as freestanding works on paper on the floor;

  • sculptural objects crafted to understand and respond to the waterways on blue tarp-covered pedestals;

  • Digital prints of project renderings hang from ceiling, just a little too high


Gallery 2, Preferable futures: large format watercolor and digital prints lining gallery walls around the full project narrative document (every detail of project installation and experience, printed on fabric and draped to the ground...could also be an audio recording of me reading the document...?


Potential media treatment of key Bridge documents in Gallery 1

Large format digital prints hand-colored mixed media, 4' wide Mounted on board and installed to stand on gallery floor to become architectural elements that confront, obstruct, and control flow of audience through the space


Digital print, 24x36"


Sketches for documents in Gallery 2: Large format watercolors & digital prints 4-5' wide


Photo of gifting of Governors Islands to the Lenape peoples and renaming ceremony to Pagganunck


Magazine clipping celebrating the returning of Buttermilk Channel to its original state, with sandbar at low tide


PDF of New York City Zoning Resolution addition: rules and regulations for building deserted islands in the New York City harbor and East River estuary for sea level rise control


Redesigned New York City streamlined and perforated birth certifications, including vaccine history, swimming education history and boat navigation education history


Press package photo: The Winger family uses their new CITIBOAT (TM) public kayak and motorized boat membership to commute to the first day of school.


Community Board 6 funded signage to protect community acquagarden plots at Louis J. Valentino Park and Pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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