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with Katie Salen, Marina Zurkow, and CADRE students from San José State University
Participatory Performan

This public art project, an ice cream truck-turned-mobile-karaoke-unit, was deployed throughout the first Zero1 San José Art & Technology Biennial in partnership with ISEA in 2006, and then in Los Angeles to unite people in a collective quest to perform and record new versions of pop songs using the vernacular of ice cream truck music. Karaoke Ice introduced people to the playful ways in which technology can be used to give voice to personal and collective concerns, as well as enable meaningful social interaction between groups, both large and small.


Concept, development, and direction: Nancy Nowacek, Katie Salen, Marina Zurkow

Interaction design: Nowacek, Salen and Zurkow with CADRE students

Karaoke Engine: CADRE students

Musical Composition: Lem Jay Ignacio

Project support by Zero1, ISEA, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
Videography and Video editing: Marina Zurkow

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