M________, the Menopause Project

Social Sculpture

Mixed Media


M______ was a social sculpture envisioning community infrastructure for adult health and aging. Specifically geared towards education, practices and conversations around female health and aging, M________ offered space for people with ovaries and those who love them to externalize questions, curiosities, feelings, and thoughts about Menopause.

Comprised of several parts, the project offered multiple access points to ideas and information around health and aging: artist multiples inspired by health and aging by Amy Khoshbin, Chlöe Bass and Macon Reed, a Menopause library, and 14 free public programs and workshops.




M________ was generously supported by
the Brooklyn Arts Council and Recess and Assembly

Advisor: Melanie Brewster
Architectural design: Julie Torres Moscovitz
Artist multiples: Chloë Bass, Macon Reed, Amy Khoshbin,
Brady Caldwell
Project assistance: Nam Phong Thi Doan
Special projects: Lainie Fefferman, Paola Citterio
Website consultant: Kristi Cameron
Silkscreening: Jared Friedman
Photography: Hai Zhang
Videography: Jill Campbell
Programming leaders: Kate Gavriel, Joan Chrisler, Paula Derry, Liz Margolies, Randi Epstein, Rody Dozoglou, Lindsey Cormack, Kayley Berezney, Sasha Davies, Lena DeGloma, Muksha Luxmi Jingree, Nicole Tammelleo
Special thanks to: Allison Freeman Weisberg and Recess, Ashton Applewhite, Monica Schaffer
Thanks to: Marcha Johnson, Lisa Kim, Kay Takeda, Irene Schneeweiß, Ellen Liu, Mia Kim Sullivan, Sasha Slocombe, Sari Locker, Margit Detweiler, Rachel Shannon, Andrew Blum, Liz Seibert Turow, Martha Corcoran, Maureen Connor, Bethany Tabor, Eric Sneddon, Mark Bloch, Tue Night, The Woolfer, Persisticon


Menopause, An Imperfect Guide



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