Monument to Habitat Compensation Island

In collaboration with Marina Zurkow


5.5" x 8.5"



English text (reads left to right, front to back)

Arabic text (reads right to left, back to front)


Habitat Compensation Island


Habitat Compensation Island (interior lagoon)

Habitat Compensation Island is a tiny sand construction in the Arabian Gulf that is easily missed, with the exception of a bleached billboard on its shore. A subtle addition to the Emirati culture of island-building, it is a pioneer in climate-capital relations. Could it also be a monument to the Anthropocene? Monument to Habitat Compensation Island regards the relationship of the island to the Anthropocene through lenses of urban planning, art, multi-species relations, and Emirati culture and history.



F'unded by NYU Abu Dhabi and Stevens Institute of Technology

Texts by: Abdullah Al Saadi, Munira Al Sayegh, Nils Bubandt, Una Chaudhuri, Elaine Gan, Ayesha Hadhir, Graham McKay, Nancy Nowacek and Marina Zurkow

Editor: Carol Stakenas

Translation: Ban Kattan

Design: Nancy Nowacek with Zinah Maher A Bazerbashi

Printed by Bestype, NY, NY