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New Year, New Works

As I'm trying to catch up on 2019 sleep, I'm also furious at work on an exciting docket of projects for this coming year:

• Launching Monument to Habitat Compensation Island, with Marina Zurkow, about a tiny island in the Arabian Gulf that might offer a productive model to negotating global capital and climate change

• Planning Walking the Edge, a consecutive 24-hour-a-day walk around the 520 miles of New York City's waterways and month-long exploration of the waterfront in collaboration with Works on Water and the NYC Department of City Planning. More information coming soon!

• I'll be working with the Education Department at the Walker Art Center and WACTAC, the Walker Arts Teen Action Council as a Mentoring Artist

• Code-named Liberating Rikers, I'm researching the natural history of Rikers Island in contemplation of its future without incarceration.

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