Wall, Levy, Beach (Maneuver)


Sand, Fabric, Mylar

Various dimensions



Wall, Levy, Beach (Maneuver) began as a dividing line, 40" high and 100' long.
Made of 400 sandbags, it was inspired by the political rhetoric of walls, limits, and protections, and the related questions of who’s kept in, who’s kept out, what’s enclosed, and what is lost.

Resilience Training was a pair of public event in which participants collectively animated the sculpture. In the first event, participants worked together to transform the dividing line into a segment of a levee. Participants heaved sandbags from the levee to a nearby cove and emptied out to fortify its beach in the second Resilience Training. The systematic efforts to transform the work served for participants as a meditation on personal and collective power as a means to expose, exercise and exorcise the undercurrents of anxiety and fear that travel with us through the city each day.



Commissioned as part of the Socrates Emerging Artist Fellowship 2018-2019 program
Sewing assistance by Minetta Brown; Installation assistance by Faruk Calkic, Shuyang Wang, Alya AlQarni, Calvin Han, Barsha Maharjan, Kuldeep Gohel
Many thanks to all those who came for Resilience Training.