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CELEBRATING THE EDGE (520, 5/20, 5:20)
Performance with Clarinda Mac Low, the New York City Department of City Planning, and the Demolition Brass Band

Perfection!, Brooklyn, 2020

At left, members of the New York City Department of City planning display the hand-painted cue cards containing points from the newly launched CPW that were introduced with each corresponding song in the cycle.

Celebrating the Edge (520, 5/20, 5:20) was a musical interpretations of the New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan (CPW), a vision for the city's waterfront made from input by New Yorkers and revised every 10 years. The 7-song-cycle was performed on 520 Day, May 20th, the day the New York City Department of City Planning celebrates the city's 520 miles of coastline. Each pop song in the cycle corresponded to one of the CPW's 7 points: Climate Resiliency and Adaptation, Waterfront Public Access, Economic Opportunity, Water Quality and Natural Resources, Ferries, and Governance.


The song cycle was performed by The Demolition Brass band at the New York City waterfront between Piers 15 and 16 in the seaport district.

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