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The force of habit is indeed little more than inertia, that is to say, a reactive type of affect. ‘Habits’ are a socially enforced and thereby ‘legal’ type of addiction. They are cumulated toxins which by sheer uncreative repetition engender forms of behavior that can be socially accepted as  ‘normal’ or even ‘natural’. –Rosi Baidotti, Transpositions

Integral to making a city that is truly accessible to all is remaking the habits within, and the body's spatial relationship to it. This research uses drawing, writing, and performance as a method to break the cycles of discrimination that abound in architecture and to imagine forms that embrace the widest spectrum of bodies, interactions, and movements possible.

The built environment is a cue and interface for behavior, a language so transparent and embedded the body responds reflexively and intuitively. In what ways does the production of space produce the body? Which bodies are produced? What are their characteristics? Which bodies are ignored? What bodies could be produced?


Face Me, 2014-2016


You Are the Figure, 2014-2016


Not From Here, 2012


Getting There, 2012

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